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Nihon Hardmetal Co., Ltd has been promoting the production and research as material manufacturer of Cemented Carbide and cermet since the day of establishment in 1964.Our products include drill, end mill, tap, Indexable Insert, circular saw, and other engineering and environmental tools. They are used widely in various fields.And, we research and develop many kinds of materials, but also established the consistent production system from material composition to production.Kyushu Factory that had been completed in 1990 was expanded twice to meet customer’s needs.Our top priority is Customer Satisfaction (CS). So, we are making effort every day so that customers can be satisfied with quality, price, and delivery date.As always, we appreciate your continuing support for our activities.

『Always Seeing Ahead』

ーFor the customer and ourselves, always face the challenge!!ー

Representative Director

Tetsuro Hayasaka