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Civil Engineering

Civil Engineering

Earth auger


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Material for anti-abrasion/impact

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Civil Engineering

Civil Engineering

bEarth augerbCasingbUnderground Continuous WallbMaterial for anti-abrasion/impactb

Earth auger

Standard Weld-type Product

Edge Shape Model Size Chip Size Typical Shape
Width~Height~Length Width~Height~Length
Point E-40K 40~80~180 40~25~40
E-50K 50~80~210 50~30~40
E-60K 60~100~230 60~30~45
E-70K 70~110~240 70~32~50
E-80K 80~120~250 80~35~59
E-40KI 40~80~180 40~25~40
E-50KI 50~80~220 50~25~45
Flat E-40F 40~60~180 40~20~40
E-50F 50~70~210 50~20~40
E-60F 60~80~220 60~20~45
E-70F 70~90~230 70~25~50
E-80F 80~90~250 80~30~60
E-50FI 50~70~210 50~22~40
Legend of Earth Auger Model
Type Edge Width Tip shape Tip mounting Others
EFEarth auger mm KFPoint IFInsert YFWith side tip
HFRemoval type   FFFlat NoneFNomal  

Standard Removal-type Product

Edge Shape Model Size Chip Size Typical Shape
Width~Height~Length Width~Height~Length
Point EH-50KD 50~90~188 50~30~40
EH-60KD 60~100~195 60~30~45
EH-80KD 80~120~210 80~35~59
Flat EH-60FD 60~100~195 60~25~50
EH-80FD 80~120~215 80~30~60
Holder H-50D-CH 68~90~116  
H-60D 80~100~125  
H-80D 105~120~140  
Point EH-60KN 60~100~185 60~30~45
EH-80KN 80~120~215 80~35~59
Flat EH-60FN 60~100~185 60~25~50
EH-80FN 80~120~220 80~30~60
Holder H-60N 80~100~140  
H-80N 105~120~180  

Special Product

E-50FYC Type acquired patent. 3924679
Edge Shape Model Size Chip Size Typical Shape Main Use
Width~Height~Length Width~Height~Length
Flat E-50FYC 50~80~210 50~20~40

For mudstone.Sharp edge of this flat blade can be used to excavate hard ground such as clay easily.unlike usual flat blade.Do not use it for cobblet stone and coarse fragment,because its edge is sharp.

Point E-50KYN 50~80~210 50~30~25.5

It can be used to deal with mudstone with flat blade or top of sword.

Point E-50KIY 50~80~214.5 50~25~45

Insert-type sword is equipped with chip to prevent side wear.It can be used in severe spot.